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A long history in gold and silver
When it comes to investing in your future pension, security and safety is a top priority whilst avoiding putting your savings at any unnecessary risk. This requires skill and plenty of expertise achieved by the patient following of developments on the gold market, as well as sensible long-term vision. Be prepared to avoid the temptations of "easy money" especially now gold and precious metal products have also become popular with the slightly less reputable and more opportunistic sales outlets, which have sprung up in recent years.

Goudpensioen has a long and active history in the field of precious metals as well as experience in the traditionally strictly controlled Amsterdam diamond trade. As a specialized new division of a renowned trading house, we are focused on selling of gold and silver as inflation-proof pension alternatives. You contact us online or personally in our store situated near Waterlooplein in Amsterdam city centre.

Eight reasons to buy with Goudpensioen
Groene vink
Guaranteed security and discretion
Groene vink Competitive prices
Groene vink Products from only the most reputable and certified suppliers
Groene vink Easy and direct access to gold investment
Groene vink Customer service and expert advice
Groene vink Years of experience in the precious metal markets
Groene vink In-house knowledge of gold and silver products
Groene vink Fair, clear and comprehensive information

A reputable retailer
Through our close cooperation with recognized suppliers we are able to provide quality products with short delivery times. Goudpensioen only supplies gold and silver products that meet the stringent requirements of international supervisor known as the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). This requires that the manufacturer follows the guidelines laid down in the official 'Good Delivery List' with agreements on authenticity, content, weight and origin of the gold and silver. This ensures that your gold product remains tradable on the worldwide market without the need for further inspection.

Is gold only for the wealthy?
Gold is accessible to everybody and the advantages of owning physical gold are not just reserved for big investors. More and more people of all backgrounds are putting their trust in precious metal.  With the confidence in national currency is decreasing, investing in gold is becoming an interesting and feasible option for all types of retirement savers as well as small businesses.

How we work
Obviously it is of the utmost importance to establish a healthy personal pension plan and not to immediately go off on trends or ‘golden’ tips. We are not the ones to tell you how to handle your hard earned savings, but we can certainly provide full and honest information when it comes to investing in gold. We are also not out to sell as much as possible and may even discourage a purchase or suggest an alternative that better suits your retirement plan. We can however guarantee that your purchases with us are of the highest quality and LBMA-approved.