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At Gold2Send you can buy jewellery. At Gold2Send yout can find diamond jewellery. 

A diamond symbolizes purity and strength. It is the hardest material that exists on earth. Since it was first discovered in India, the diamond has always held a special attraction to mankind. According to the ancient Greeks diamonds were the tears of the gods, The Romans believed diamonds were pieces of falling stars. Up until the 15th century, diamonds were exclusively worn by men.

Diamant certificaten

Our diamond range
We sell diamonds at very attractive prices. We have a strong network of reliable diamond setters, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a special diamond, or are interested in purchasing diamonds for use in jewellery or specific ring or setting. All diamonds are sold with an internationally recognized certificate from GIA, IGI or HRD providing information on all the characteristics of the diamond.

What is a diamond?
A diamond is a crystal that consists of 99.95% pure carbon atoms. The unique arrangement of these carbon atoms means that a diamond has a completely different look compared to other pure carbon minerals such as graphite. Diamond was formed between 140 and 190 kilometers below the earth's crust. Carbon atoms formed due to extreme pressure and temperature. Volcanic activity pushed diamonds to the surface. Most diamonds are mined in Africa. Other diamond sites are located in Canada, Russia, Brazil, India and Australia.

The weight of a diamond is expressed in carats. 1 carat is equal to 200 mg or 0.2 grams. The word "carat" is derived from the Greek word "keration" which refers to the fruit of the carob tree. Diamonds used to be weighed by comparing them to the seeds of the carob tree. The average carob tree seed weighs 200 mg.

Industrial applications
Diamonds have become indispensable for industrial use. Automobile pioneer Henry Ford initiated sponsored research into the applications of diamond for production purposes. Industrial diamonds are generally of lower quality than those on the gemstone market, but retain the same properties, such as hardness and durability. Tools made by industrial diamonds are used in the automotive, aircraft and optical industry and in the field of gas and oil drilling. In the textile industry, devices made of diamond are used to cut patterns.

Diamond Colour
No two are the same diamonds. There are various shapes, colours and sizes. The perfect diamond is as colourless as possible. The diamond color grade describes the exact colour of the diamond. Colour Grade D is perfectly colourless. The colour scale goes from D to Z and describes all colours ranging from shades of yellow to brownish tones.

Brilliant and emerald diamonds

Brilliant cut

A brilliant cut diamond is a round cut diamond with 57 facets. This diamond shape offers maximum brilliance and light reflection. The round diamond, also known as a round brilliant cut, is a classic diamond form. As many as 75% of all traded diamonds are round brilliants. Brilliant cut diamonds have long been the most opted for gemstones (engagement) rings.

Emerald diamond cut
An emerald cut diamond is a rectangular diamond with cut corners. This type of cut is also known as the "step cut" because the broad, flat surfaces are reminiscent of the steps of a staircase. Originally the emerald diamond cut designed for cutting emeralds. Emerald diamonds are often less expensive than the classic round brilliant cut diamonds. This often means you end up with a bigger stone when compared to a brilliant cut diamond.