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The brilliant is a dazzling diamond cut specifically to create a very unique reflection of light. Of all diamond cuts, the brilliant cut has the highest reflection which is partly due to its different facets, all of which have their own name. A perfect brilliant cut diamond allows one hundred percent of light through and allows 99.9% of this light to reflect back out. Nature determines the color and brightness of the gem, but it is the cut that is responsible for the sparkle and light reflection of the diamond.

Brilliant prices
The price of a brilliant form depends on a number of different aspects, most importantly the brightness and the number of carats. The brilliant diamonds shown here are determined by the diamonds weight class in carats. 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams.

The diamonds in this range come with an official certificate providing the specific characteristics of the stone, such as the quality of the cut diamond as well as its dimensions. Brilliant diamonds are still among the most sought after diamonds cut due to the 57 reflecting facets. The upper part of the stone has at least 32 facets and the lower part least 24.

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