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The price of gold



* Information provided from these graphs is not legally binding. All rights reserved.

On this page the current gold price is clearly represented in simple graphs. The gold price can be read in euros per troy ounce as well as per kilo. The gold price in these graphs is updated by the second second. By using the F5 key on your keyboard this page will automatically refresh with the most current gold price. In the newspapers, the gold price is usually only quoted in dollars per ounce. A troy ounce is 31.1034768 grams of pure gold. Using this handy chart you can see what the current gold price is in euros.

Buying gold
If you are looking to buy gold in bar or coin form, Goudpensioen can help you make your purchase. We are specialized in selling physical gold to both private investors as well as businesses. For more information about buying gold with us please contact our customer service.

The price of gold is in constant motion
The price of gold changes constantly throughout the day. All financial markets in the world  now trade in gold. Therefore, the market prices are constantly being determined. Two of the largest gold markets in the world are London and New York. Apart from trade in physical gold (gold bullion) and the trade in gold futures, the cdf trade (contracts for difference) in gold is also very popular. This means that physical gold is subject to a volatile gold price. Therefore, the price you pay for a piece of gold today will probably not be the same price you pay tomorrow. We are happy to assist you in all of your physical gold purchases. You are also welcome in our store where we can personally take care of your order.

The London Gold Fix
The gold price in London is determined twice a day by the London Gold Fixing. This price is used worldwide as a price benchmark. The gold market in London is one of the oldest and largest trading markets in physical gold. The 'London Gold Fix' has been noted  in contracts since 1919. On the New York Mercantile Exchange gold is mainly traded in the form of futures (paper gold transactions). The current gold price of cdf trading (the gold spot price) is determined by supply and demand, the London Gold Fixing is used here as a benchmark price. Other major gold markets can be found  in Zurich, Tokyo, Sydney and Hong Kong.

Will the price of gold continue to rise?
Worldwide, gold remains the most popular precious metal by far when it comes to long term investments. Gold is tangible, easy to sell and one of the safest investments in precious metals. The devaluation of the dollar, rising oil prices and the global public deficits all point to the gold price taking an upturn.


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