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The price of palladium



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The tables on this page show the current price of palladium. The graphs show the palladium price in U.S. dollars and Euros per troy ounce and per kilogram. This palladium graphs are automatically tracked so that the correct platinum price is shown. By pressing the F5 key on your keyboard, you can refresh this page and immediately access the current prices.

Buy palladium
Palladium is a by-product of nickel, copper, lead, silver, gold and platinum production. Palladium bars and palladium coins are a solid investment and a popular way to invest in this precious metal. Palladium is a harder metal compared to platinum, but can be rolled into thin sheets like gold. Due to the scarcity of platinum, palladium is often used as a substitute. As a result the demand for palladium is rising which is also of impact on the palladium price.

The palladium price and industry
The price of palladium price is largely determined by the industrial sector. Palladium is a rare silvery-white precious metal and is mainly used in industrial applications (automotive, electrical engineering and medicine). It is used by car manufacturers as a vital component in catalytic converters. China is particularly responsible for the growing demand for palladium due to its thriving production industry..

Palladium: supply and demand
The price of palladium is of course dependent on supply and demand. Sources of palladium production are quite limited. More than 80% of the world palladium production is concentrated in just two countries: the Russian Federation and South Africa. With a share of 43% of global production, is ahead of South Africa (39%) and far ahead of Canada (6%). The mining companies in South Africa and Canada are working on the development of expansion plans, but until these mines come into full production, a sharp increase in supply is not expected.

Palladiumprijs Palladiumprijs