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The price of silver



* Information provided from these graphs is not legally binding. All rights reserved.

On this page the current silver price for today is clearly represented in simple graphs. The silver price can be read in euros per troy ounce and kilo, as well as in dollars per troy ounce and kilo. A troy ounce is the measurement for precious metals and is exactly 31.1034768 grams of pure silver. The silver price in these graphs is updated per second. By using the F5 key on your keyboard this page will automatically refresh with the most current silver price.

Silver in motion
The price of silver is one of the most fluctuating among precious metals. The market price (spot price) of silver varies according to demand and supply. Demand for silver is much greater than the supply in the silver market. Silver has become increasingly popular since 2009. Due to speculation, the price of silver continues to increase. Between April 2010-2011 the price of silver doubled in the space of a year! At the beginning of May 2010 the stock market was hit by tightened trading rules which led to the biggest fall in the price of silver since the eighties. When investing in silver it is therefore important to be well informed of the silver price and to make a purchase at the right time.

The price of silver
The price of silver is based on the London Fixing's closing price for silver. The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) determines this silver price (London Fixing Price) once a day. Traditionally, just three members of the LBMA are allowed to contribute to the fixing of the silver price. Since 2010 these members are the Deutsche Bank, Scotia Mocatta and HSBC Investment Banking Group.

The outlook for silver prices look favourable. The limited supply of physical silver on  the market is structural. There is no prospect of a sudden increase in production and the expectation is that investment demand will increase sharply. The annual production of silver amounts to only 22,000 tons while the total annual demand is for over 27,000 tons! This means there's an annual deficit of over 5,000 tons. The expected increase in production over the coming years is not likely to exceed 2,700 tonnes. Therefore the price of silver is expected to greatly increase.

Zilverprijs Zilverprijs